We run one tour per day for every day of the week. 

The hot tub with relaxing salt water on site is always available, especially in the afternoons and evenings.

Please tell the staff in the morning and allow a few hours for the wood fire to heat the water to 30C.

Don’t forget to order a glass of bubbly to the tub to make the experience complete.

  • Carpathian Squill (Scilla drunensis), Zalan, Transylvania. Photo: count Kalnoky.
  • Pheasants Eye (Adonis aestivalis), Zalan, Transylvania. Photo: count Kalnoky.
  • Grasses at Zalan, Transylvania. Photo: count Kalnoky.
  • Euphorbia, Zalan, Transylvania. Photo: count Kalnoky.
  • Prince Charles and Count Kalnoky hiking on ancient wood pasture grounds, Transylvania
  • Bear sighting near Zalan, Transylvania. Photo: count Kalnoky.
  • Zalan property, Transylvania. Photo: Count Kalnoky.


The Pied Piper’s cave and canyon. Excursion through a canyon leading to the cave from where, according to legend as quoted in Robert Browning’s classic poem, the Pied Piper re-emerged with the abducted children of Hamelin, thus founding the Saxon population of Transylvania. Excursion by car with piknik.


In the King’s steps. Following one of King Charles’s favourite walking itineraries through the hills and forests around Zalanpatak. You will follow his route by GPS and encounter many rare flowers which you can easily identify with the help of a botanic app. Piknik lunch.


Botanic walk and workshop.  Botanic walk to pick medicinal flowers and plants. Lunch at the house. Afternoon workshop creating your own personalised perfume, cosmetics or tea using the wild flowers and herbs from Zalánpatak. Lunch at the house.

Evening bear watching.


Walk to Prince George’s meadow. Walk through medieval cultural landscape still displaying traditional farming. Strip farming allows to grow a large variety of different crops in confined spaces on the village’s south-facing slopes. Magnificent sceneries, including Prince Georges own fieldmof wild flowers. Orientation by GPS itinerary. Piknik lunch. 


Crafts and cooking, catch your own dinner. We will teach you to collect and carve your own hazel walking stick and other crafts, and how to bake the traditional pipe cake over scorching ambers for your desert. You can go down to the stream or the fish ponds to catch your own dinner with a rod. Lunch at the guesthouse


Day-long cartride. Our horses led by Karcsi the coach will take you on a ride in a very basic village cart (or sleigh in winter) through the scenic landscape. You can try your hand at driving yourself if you wish. Barbecue lunch in the hills.


Discovering the village. The tiny hamlet of Zalánpatak has much to see. You can attend mass in either the roman catholic church or the orthodox chapel if scheduled, and visit them both to understand their differences in faith. See the village’s alarm bell, the fire shed and visit the village museum. Try the volcanic gas exhaust to feel the heat in your feet. Lunch at the guesthouse.

Walks are medium in difficulty, 4-10km long and cover up to 150m in difference of altitude. Guests carry their own portions of picnics.

Horse & Cart rides are on waggons without springs, so it can be a bit rough and shaky. You can get on and off the cart and walk alongside whenever you wish. Barbecue for lunch.

You can pick mushrooms and herbs, dry them at the guesthouse and take them back home.

The schedule is set with minimum flexibility according to circumstances. 

  • Lungwort (Pulmonaria officinalis), Zalan, Transylvania. Photo: count Kalnoky.
  • mushroom at Zalan, Transylvania. Photo: count Kalnoky.
  • Royal scything contest 2015, Zalan, Transylvania. Photo: Arnold Musat.
  • Zalan, Transylvania. Photo: count Kalnoky.
  • Nettle-leaved bellflower (Campanula trachelium), Zalan, Transylvania. Photo: count Kalnoky.
  • Storks on haystacks, Transylvania. Photo: count Kalnoky.
  • Count Kalnoky and Prince Charles at the Royal Scything Contest 2015, Zalan, Transylvania. Photo: Arnold Musat.
  • wood pile for burning charcoal at Zalan, Transylvania

Rainy Days

If the weather is too wet, you can try your skills at simple traditional crafts or prepare a special local cake under the shelter of the barns and covered terraces.

  • Carving walking sticks from hazel branches
  • Baking the traditional Szekler pipe (or chimney) cake 'Kürtős Kalács'

You can keep and take home the results of your skills, and the cake will be served for desert at dinner!

Winter Activities

In case of snow (altitude approx. 800m), instead of our regular activities we can also offer:

  • Cross country skiing with our guide (please bring your own equipment!)
  • Snow-shoeing. Follow the tracks of wild animals including bears and wolves without sinking into the snow. We have 3 pairs of snow-shoes on site including 1 for the guide.
  • Horse-drawn sleigh ride. In winter we swap the cart for a sleigh, and provide blankets and mulled wine for the journey. An experience reminiscent of Dr. Zhivago...
  • Sledges. The hills on the property are an ideal playground for sledging. We have 2 sledges for 4 persons at the estate.

Extra Activities

In addition to the daily tours, we offer a choice of extra activities for a fee:


At the nearby village of Sepsikőröspatak / Valea Crișului we offer riding lessons, hacking and day-rides:

Lessons for both adults and children on horses and ponies (45 min.), hacking (1,5-2 hours), and day-rides (3 h with picnic).

Transfers (1/2 h one way) are available. Please book in advance!

We also operate 5-day trail rides in the region, please enquire by email

  • Endemic Transylvanian Blue Eyes, hepatica transsylvanica, Zalan. Photo: count Kalnoky.
  • Nuthatch with hazel nut, Zalan, Transylvania
  • Riding at Zalan, Transylvania
  • Red squirrel pilfering a walnut from Prince Charles Cottage, Zalan, Transylvania. Photo: count Kalnoky.
  • Transylvanian Black Naked Neck chicken in Zalan. Photo: Gabor Xantus.

In the warm season (May–September) 'al fresco' sunset dinners in the surrounding hills are being offered for a minimum of 4 participants at an extra charge:

• By horse & cart to George's meadow on the other side of the village (dinner price +25 EUR / person)

• By foot on the hill above the house (dinner price + 15 EUR / person)

  • Wild strawberries, Zalan, Transylvania. Photo: count Kalnoky.
  • Lower Cottage, Zalan, Transylvania. Photo: count Kalnoky.

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The Prince of Wales hopes that his guesthouse will encourage more people to visit Transylvania and in this way promote sustainable development. Proceeds from the guesthouse go to The Prince of Wales Foundation in Romania, member of The Prince's Charities.