Food & Drinks

Meals are taken together as 'table d'hôte' unless otherwise requested. Food is prepared on site by local staff (including the famous local caraway brandy 'Székely Köményes'), mostly from local ingredients as available. The property has its own vegetable patches and orchards and we pick herbs to make tea. We also offer an exhaustive choice of Romanian and Hungarian wines à la carte.

Menus are set for every day of the week and no choice 'à la carte' is possible. Special requests and dietary requirements must be specified in advance.

Here are some examples of a typical 3-course menu:

  1. Tarragon potato soup
    Pork and apple with rice and cabbage salad
    Chocolate sponge cake
  2. Pancake bundle filled with chicken and mushroom
    Roasted beef and chicken with crushed potatoes, braised cabbage and pickles
    Rice-pudding with fruit dressing and cream

During the day, picnics and barbecues will be served on the walks and rides.

In the warm season (May–September) 'al fresco' dinners in the surrounding hills are offered for a minimum of 4 participants at extra cost.

  • By horse & cart to George's meadow on the other side of the village (dinner price +25  EUR / person)
  • By foot on the hill above the house with a beautiful view over the valley (dinner price + 15 EUR / person)

  • Transylvanian food: Szekler pork with apple. Photo: count Kalnoky.
  • Transylvanian salad: peppers and tomatoes. Photo: count Kalnoky.
  • Transylvanian polenta: Mamaliga. Photo: count Kalnoky.
  • Transylvanian doughnuts. Photo: count Kalnoky.
  • Transylvanian food: stuffed peppers. Photo: count Kalnoky.
  • Transylvanian chicken soup. Photo: count Kalnoky.
  • Transylvanian dessert: caramel-filled apple. Photo: count Kalnoky.
  • Transylvanian starter: Casino-eggs pumpkin-style. Photo: count Kalnoky.
  • Crudities with Transylvanian dipping. Photo: count Kalnoky.
  • Transylvanian starter: Casino-eggs pumpkin-style. Photo: count Kalnoky.
  • Mamaliga, Transylvanian polenta. Photo: count Kalnoky.

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The Prince of Wales hopes that his guesthouse will encourage more people to visit Transylvania and in this way promote sustainable development. Proceeds from the guesthouse go to The Prince of Wales Foundation in Romania, member of The Prince's Charities.